Saturday, February 25, 2017


Archaeology at Parks Canada
Explains Government policies to protect and manage archaeological resources through the vast system of National Parks and National Historic Sites.
Arctic Fieldwork
Doing Fieldwork in the Arctic and Baffin Island.
DNA tests debunk blond Inuit legend
From CBC, two Icelandic scientists have shot holes in the theory of the missing Norse tribes of the Arctic.
L'Anse aux Meadows
A guide from Parks Canada to this National Historic Site, with reconstructions of three Norse buildings. History with bibliography, visitor information, picture gallery and virtual tour.
Thule Archaeological Sites
Information and images of ancient Thule tools and lodging. The Thule are the ancestors to the modern day Arctic Inuit. 
Melting Ice in Yukon Reveals Ancient Hunting Artifacts
From CBC, archeologists working in the Yukon's melting snow fields say they've found some of the oldest evidence of human habitation in the territory. 
Nova Scotia Archaeology Society
Promotes the archaeology of ethnic cultures, locates and records new sites, provides information exchange and preserves archaeological sites.
Underwater arrowheads, tools dazzle Maritime historians
From CBC, archaeologists are showing off a treasure trove they call one of the most significant discoveries of Mi'kmaq artifacts in Nova Scotia. 
Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump
A UNESCO World Heritage Site at Alberta, Canada. The interpretive center documents the buffalo hunting culture of aboriginal peoples of the plains over a 5,500 year time-span.

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