Saturday, February 25, 2017


Big Jim's Dive Charters
Charter operating out of Kingston, Ontario. Includes information on the boat, crew, prices, wrecks, and contact information.
Boating Georgian Bay - Ship Wrecks
Georgian Bay, Ontario shipwrecks. Videos available.
Cape Breton Nervous Wrecks Dive Club
Explore shipwrecks from the 18th century to modern times in the pristine waters of Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.
G+S Watersports Ltd.- Tobermory Dive Sites
Tobermory, Ontario dive sites for seeing shipwrecks. Full service dive shop
Great Lakes Wreckdiving
Anthony DeBoer's log of shipwreck sites around the Great Lakes.
The Niagara Divers' Association - Shipwrecks 2016 Index
Annual Shipwrecks Symposium. Numerous multimedia presentations by both world renowned and local speakers.
Ontario Explorer - Shipwreck Index
Ontario shipwrecks in an alphabetical list.
Ontario Scuba Diving
Descriptions of local shore, wreck and technical dives.
Paradise Cottages - Georgian Adventure Dive Charters
Describes diveable wrecks in the Georgian Bay, Ontario area.
Save Ontario Shipwrecks
Heritage organization promoting the study, protection and preservation of Ontario's marine history. Pictures and stories of shipwrecks in various bodies of water.
Sea-View Diving - Lake Erie Shipwrecks
The area around Long Point in Lake Erie, contains more than 200 shipwrecks. Long Point shipwrecks vary in depths from 15 feet to 195 feet deep.
Wreck Diving Kingston Ontario Canada
From the George A. Marsh, a three masted schooner to the Wolfe Islander II, a coastal freighter converted to a side entrance car ferry, Kingston has shipwrecks of all shapes and sizes.
Wreck Hunter
Terry Dwyer has been organizing diving expeditions to St. Paul Island since 1996. Nova Scotia.

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